Process Curiosity's approach to human-centered design focuses on developing innovative experiences that will resonate with the end-user.  Are you trying to develop the next great experience, product, or service?  We can help turn your strategic plans into tangible results.   Whether you are stuck in the middle of a design project or kicking off a new initiative, we have developed a unique set of facilitation tools to guide teams collaboratively through the process. 

Consider Process Curiosity for leading your next:

  • Design Sprint - focused time-constrained design process aimed at reducing risk in the development of new products, services, or experiences.   Strategic moments for a team to dive deep into ideation, prototyping, and testing.  

  • Design Charrettes - design sprints with a specific focus on community input.   A charrette is an intensive planning session where community members, designers, donors, and others collaborate on a vision for development. It provides a forum for ideas and offers the unique advantage of giving immediate feedback to the designers. More importantly, it allows everyone who participates to be a mutual author of the plan.


Unique to Process Curiosity is our ability to blend high-quality thematic experiences with engaging interactive exhibits. With over twenty years of experience, we have designed and produced experiences that meet the highest thematic and interactive standards for clients like Disney, Universal Studios, science centers, and museums.  


Developing prototypes throughout the design process is critical to our success. Rapid prototyping and testing ensure that the final experience will meet organizational goals and objectives.


Great design is customized to the end-user and the community it resides in.