Emmanuel Communities

A Master Planning three-day community design charrette to bring the Church congregation together with potential community partners.  The charrette discussion was a deep dive into where the Emmanual Park project is to date and how might it move forward in the second phase of work. 

Day One focused more broadly towards understanding the greater county development landscape with presentations from county officials and regional developers.   The objective for the day was to understand the current and projected are demographics and area planned facilities and services.

Day Two focused was an interactive discussion focused on starting to explore the Park experience.  It included presentations from community partners to help understand their work and begin to find overlap opportunities as it relates to developing Emmanuel Park.   We began to unpack the project’s guiding principles and what community development means to the Church congregation.  

Day Three shifted its focus from the original intent, based on day two’s conversation.  The conversation led to specific dive into about Church’s voice and role in this community project exploring components around what needs to be done as the backbone institution for this collective impact work at the Park and what the ideal gather place experience could be.