Why Us?

Process Curiosity to turn ideas into results. 

Our process is rooted in the core values of human-centered design, allowing us to create unique experiences that resonate with the user.  Our services include concept development, exhibit/graphic design, prototyping, strategic/master planning, immersive thematic design, and owner's representation.  We have an in-depth understanding of the complex and changing needs of the industry that bring people, knowledge, and vision together with a common purpose.  Our company is uniquely and powerfully positioned at the intersection of the builder’s needs and new technologies, a position that enables us to open the door to increased creativity, productivity, and growth for our clients.  Known for our integrity, honesty, and availability, Process Curiosity continually evaluates the role that changing technologies play, making corresponding adjustments when new innovations unfold.  We understand that the bottom line is to deliver a product on time and at or under cost, of superior quality, craftsmanship, and imagination to spark the interest and curiosity of your patrons, bringing them back again and again.

Blake Wigdahl, Design Anthropologist