Innovation is creativity PLUS implementation. - David Kelley

Strategic Planning

The first step in tackling any adaptive challenge is to get on the balcony, look at the organizational system and the landscape it resides.

We can help you, and your executive team develop an integrated strategic plan that builds clarity and consensus among your team and audience.  Just as importantly, our interactive visualization approach to strategic plan development orchestrates the involvement of your key stakeholders in a way that optimizes your chances for successful plan implementation.  And as any executive leader knows, a strategic plan is only as good as your ability to execute it effectively.

Master Planning

Start with the end user, create an experience, then build the pieces. 

Master planning for a project, place, product, or program should always start and end with it’s intended audience.  It is a critical step in creating, defining and executing an experience that meets an organization’s intended goals and outcomes. The most successful design projects link the goals of an organization with a comprehensive master plan demonstrating how facilities can support those endeavors.

A master plan is the first step in translating an idea into a concept that will work in the real world. A thoughtful plan starts with deep research and the development of a storyline.  It is about making the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments to develop a dynamic long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development.


Then, it’s on to concepts and determining how they fit together in a physical setting. 

Here’s what to expect from a strategic and master planning consultant:

  • Facilitating the process
  • Asking probing, challenging questions
  • Challenging the status-quo
  • Conducting an honest assessment
  • Keeping what works
  • Identifying what doesn’t work
  • Doing the analysis and being an involved team member
  • Linking strategy with execution


A Strategic Planning Consultant Adds Value

Strategic planning meetings run by an executive usually turn into staff meetings. The status-quo does not get challenged, and group-think goes unchecked. Sensitive issues are carefully avoided, past failures get swept under the carpet. Organizational weaknesses do not get addressed. As a result, strategic options are not thoroughly explored. This prevents the organization from identifying new opportunities and reaching its potential.

An experienced consultant brings knowledge, a sound methodology, and a fresh, objective perspective. As an “outsider” the consultant is not constrained by culture, office politics, personal sensitivities, and groupthink.

Let us help support your next strategic planning efforts to create the roadmap for turning your ideas into results.