Coin Sorter

Kansas Children’s Discovery Center

Comprehensive Design-Build; Concept Design; Design Package; Fabrication; Graphic Design


Kansas Children’s Discovery Center contacted Process Curiosity about a Coin Sorter exhibit we had completed for another institution. We took this original concept and created a unique version specifically for them. This playful exhibit educates users about money, focusing on coins. The guest places 10″ and larger-sized coins into the armature and then manipulates the wheel to see them begin their journey through the interactive. It’s a fun way to learn about money and then see how the size of each coin dictates its final destination.

The Coin Sorter is a great attention grabber. Its large size and exposed mechanical workings incite curiosity from the guests. They can hold the large Sintra coins in their hands and discuss the value of each unit. They are encouraged to combine different coins to help with early math skills. The guest can then insert the coins, crank the wheel, and watch the coin move up the conveyor to its highest point before witnessing it move side to side down the tray through clear Polycarbonate. As it gets to the bottom, they see how the size determines the slot the coin will fall through. This process is repeated with each different sized coin to determine the final tally amount. The Coin Sorter is an excellent interactive for other museums.